ActiveCampaign Integration Overview

This tutorial video will show you how to connect and integrate Spiffy with your Active Campaign account.

Spiffy's powerful integration with Active Campaign will allow you to take orders, and keep track of your customers in Active Campaign, by tagging them, putting the contacts in a list, or starting automation based on their purchase!

Spiffy allows you to directly integrate with your Active Campaign account, to send customer data, and order total information, right to your Active Campaign.  When you connect with Active Campaign, your Spiffy order forms will automatically start sending over information, when a successful order is placed.

Once connected, our integration will let you configure 'Actions' on your Spiffy Order Forms, to run in Active Campaign when an order is placed!

These 'Actions' include:

Adding or Removing a contact from Automation

Adding or Removing a contact from Lists

Adding or Removing Tags from a contact

Billing Automation Overview

(The links above will take you to our tutorial videos on setting up these actions.)

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