Offer > Price

The price you set for your product will display on the right side of the checkout. As you can see in the below checkout example, the order summary includes the Product image, Product Name, Short description, and the price.

In this preview, the offer price is  $997.


Click the image below to see a bigger preview.

Offer Price

This is where you will enter the price of your offer. Offer Price is what your customer will pay when they checkout on the order form.

Payment Plans

You can easily add payment plans here to break up your pay-in-full option into multiple payments.

Set up Price for Subscription Product

The process for creating a checkout and set up price for a subscription is slightly different than creating one for the one off product.

After selecting the Subscription offer type, you’ll add your product details.

Next, you create your subscription product.

And then you can set the price and frequency for the subscription plan.

You can also create multiple subscription plans for the same checkout. This is how the end user will see the subscription plans on the checkout…

You can find step by step instructions on How To Create a Checkout article.

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