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The Thank You Page section is where you can determine what the customer sees after a successful purchase. By default, every Spiffy order form will have a generic Thank You Page that confirms the purchase. The default Thank You Page (without adding any text to this section) will look like this* (below). 


Click the image below to get a bigger preview.

*NOTE: Spiffy does not send an order confirmation email automatically. Make sure you either have invoices automatically being sent by Stripe, or an Integration Action setup for your offer that triggers a welcome email sent from ActiveCampaign, Keap, Infusionsoft or another marketing automation tool via Zapier.

Default Option

In this Default section, you are able to customize the text that your new customers will see, as soon as their order processes. If you do not add custom content here and leave these fields blank, your customer will see the generic text in the screenshot above. Most people choose to create their own Thank You Page on their website and use the Custom Link option (details below).

The Main Headline Text will show up in big bold letters centered on the screen.

The Sub Headline Text will show up in smaller text under the Main Headline Text.

The Show Order Summary toggle can be turned on or off, based on your preference.

Custom Link Option

If you don't want to use our default minimalistic Thank You Page, you can always create a page on your website or in a different page builder tool and copy/paste the URL into the Your URL field. When a customer completes their purchase, they will be immediately redirected to your custom URL as the Thank You Page.

Show Order Summary

If you want to display the order summary to the customer on the Thank You page, you can leave the “Show order summary” toggle at the bottom, turned on. Here is how the customer will see the Thank You page with order summary…

See how the order summary displays on the Thank You page

Hope this is helpful. If you have any questions, we are here to help! Send us an email at

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