How to Add a Header and Create a Branded Checkout

Adding a header to your checkout will create a professional looking checkout experience for your customers. Adding a header will allow you to upload your logo to white-background section at the top of your Spiffy Checkout. You can see the Brand Logo and Header Content text at the top of the example preview below. 


This is what the branded checkout will look like.  Click the image below to see a bigger preview.

How to Add a Header and Create a Branded Checkout Page

To add you logo to the header of your Spiffy Checkout, click on the thin "Add Header" box at the very top of your checkout editor. This will open up settings to easily upload your logo and brand your checkout, making it appear more professional.

Click "Choose File" to upload your company logo from your computer. Your logo should be a maximum of 90px tall. You may need to resize your logo outside of Spiffy to get it looking perfect. (See below for ideal logo specs.)

Header Content is intended to add one line of text to the header of your order form. This is most commonly used to display a support email address, phone number, or reinforce that the checkout is a secure place to transact. We like adding "Secure Checkout" as the Header Content text.

Click "Save" to save your changes, and you've got a beautiful, branded & conversion-optimized checkout page.

Your Brands Logo is where you will upload your company logo. Your logo shows up in the top left corner of the order form (See example below).

The ideal Brand Logo image dimensions vary in width, based on the design of your logo, not all logos are the same width. The image should be a total of 90px high. Within the height of 90px, your artwork should be about half of the total height (about 40-45px), with an extra 25px of space both above and below the actual logo artwork. This is not the only option, but this is what we have determined we like best.

The Header Content text field is where you can add product-related or process-related text, that will display in the top left of your order form. People commonly put things like: "Secure Checkout", "Complete Your Purchase Below", "Checkout", or "Purchase Inner Circle Today!". You can get creative here. Although we recommend keeping it short and sweet, you are not limited to one line of text.