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Sidebar Content displays to the right of the order form fields, under the Offer Details and Offer Price (See below)


Click the image below to see a bigger preview.

Adding Sidebar Content to Your Order Form

Sidebar Title is where you will add a main headline or product feature that you want to call attention to.

Sidebar Content is where you add a short description and benefits of what they are purchasing. Here you have options to add bullet points, numbered lists, and images as well. You can use the image feature to upload an image of a guarantee badge, or any other image to support the sale of your offer.

You can add multiple content sections to the sidebar by clicking "Add Content" at the top left.

You are also able to re-order the content sections if you create them out of order, or change your mind after you create them. To re-order the content sections click on the left side of the content section (where the two horizontal lines are) and drag the section up or down, to where you want it to display.

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