How to Add a Footer to your Checkout

The Footer text area is where you can add your own unique footer content. This can be used to link people to your policies, include support contact info, as well as any other information you would like to include.


Getting Started:

To add 'Footer' content to your checkout, just click on 'Add Footer' at the bottom of your Checkout in the editor.

Clicking 'Add Footer' will open Spiffy's simple text editor, where you can type out your footer content, adjust simple text formatting, and even hyperlink text.

 NOTE: All content you add into the Footer Text box is centered automatically.

Once you have entered your footer content, just click 'Save' and when you are ready, 'Publish' the checkout, and your footer will display at the bottom of your checkout.

If you run into any questions, let us know at

We're always here to help.