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Actions enable a variety of ways to streamline and automate post-purchase communication and processes by integrating with other software tools. Our Zapier integration gives you the power to integrate with hundreds of popular applications. All of the Actions you setup will run after a successful purchase has processed. Actions are most commonly used to trigger welcome/confirmation emails, and apply purchase tags.


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By default, every Spiffy account is integrated with Zapier. Also, we have direct integrations with ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Keap, ClearBit, and Google Tag Manager.

Except for Zapier, you need to integrate these software tools with Spiffy from Profile -> Integrations option

Select the software tool you want to integrate with Spiffy from the list and complete the integration process as you're prompted.

Setting Up Actions

Under the Integrations tab, you can add multiple actions that fire once a successful purchase has processed. To add an action, simply click " Add Action" at the top right.

Choose whether you want to setup an action based on a successful Purchase event, a successful Addon (offer bump) purchase, or a successful Upsell Purchase event. You can create multiple Actions for each of these purchase events.

Then, select which Integration Action you want to set up. (Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, Keap, or Zapier, if connected)

Selecting Zapier Wehbooks

After Selecting Zapier and Webhooks you will see the window below, where you will copy/paste your Zapier Webhook URL. To get your Webhook URL, you'll need to start a new Zap in your Zapier account, and select "Webhook" as the trigger for the Zap. Click here for more information on how to setup a Zapier Webhook.

After adding your Zapier Webhook URL, be sure to click Finish, and also Publish your order form to save the changes.

Selecting ActiveCampaign

When setting up an ActiveCampaign Action, you have many options. By default, when you have your ActiveCampaign account with Spiffy, all you customer contact information and sales data will automatically be synced over to their ActiveCampaign contact record. After the order is processed, and the contact record is either created or updated, the Actions you setup on the Integrations tab will run. Actions you can run for ActiveCampaign consist of adding or removing Tags, adding the customer to or removing them from an automation, and adding or removing them form Lists in ActiveCampaign.

Click Save/Publish to Activate Your New Settings

As always, make sure you save/publish your order form to ensure all settings are up-to-date, and the new actions that you setup are actually published and connected to purchase events.