Modifying an Existing Checkout's URL slug

If you need to modify the URL slug on a Spiffy Checkout, you can easily do this from within the ' Settings' section of the Spiffy Checkout Editor.

Important: if you have already shared links, or connected your checkout URL to a checkout button on your site, changing this setting will break the original URL. You will need to update any outside links to the checkout.

From within the editor of a Spiffy Checkout, just click on ' Settings' in the left menu, and under the 'General' section, you will see your Checkout URL.

To modify the end URL (the URL slug) just click the ' Change' button and replace the current slug with your new slug, and click 'Update'

If you need to update your Spiffy Checkout sub-domain, this will be an account level setting. Please see our article on Updating / Changing your Spiffy Checkout Subdomain for more info.

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