Infusionsoft Integration Overview

Integrating your Infusionsoft account with your Spiffy account is quick and simple!

Once you have integrated with Infusionsoft, Spiffy will automatically send customer data to Infusionsoft (First & Last Name, Email and Billing Address) when a successful order is placed, on any of your Spiffy order forms. This will also enable the ability to create successful purchase actions for Infusionsoft, from within the setup of your individual Spiffy order forms. (Apply a tag, Remove a tag, Start a Campaign)

Getting Started:

1. To integrate your Infusionsoft account with Spiffy, simply click your 'Profile' icon located at the top right of your Spiffy dashboard, and select 'Integrations'
2. From the 'Integrations' options, select 'Infusionsoft'
3. Follow the on-screen prompts to connect to your Infusionsoft application.

4. Once you have allowed the connection with Infusionsoft, you will be directed back to Spiffy, where you will see a window confirming your new connection! Just hit the 'x' to close the window.

Now that Infusionsoft is connected with your Spiffy account, You will now have the option to 'Enable Sales Sync', as well as 'Enable Affiliate Tracking'

Enabling Sales Sync
will let Spiffy create and record 'PAID' order records in Infusionsoft, letting you utilize Infusionsoft's e-commerce reporting. For more info Click Here

Enabling Affiliate Tracking
will give you the ability to tap into Infusionsoft's native affiliate program, so that your referral partners get credit for orders placed on Spiffy Checkouts! There are just a couple extra steps that you will need to follow. For more info Click Here

Now that you have connected your Infusionsoft account to Spiffy, contact data (Name, Email, Billing Address) will automatically be sent to your Infusionsoft, when a successful order is placed.

You are now ready to start setting up 'Actions' on your individual order forms, to trigger Infusionsoft automation, for your contacts that purchase from your form!

You will also be able to set up actions for Spiffy Billing Automation! For more information on this, check out our Billing Automation Overview!

Please let us know if you you have any questions.