Manage Your Account Settings

Managing your Account Settings can be done by selecting your profile icon on the Spiffy Dashboard, and clicking Settings.

Clicking Settings will open your account settings, where you can view and modify a number of account related settings. This overview will share a high level look at all the available options!

Edit Profile

At the very top of the settings, you will have the ability to edit your personal profile in your account, allowing you to change your name, log-in email, and password. Click Edit below your name to access these settings.

General Settings Tab

Under the general Settings tab, you will have the ability to manage your Payment Gateways, as well as your Spiffy checkout subdomain.

You will also have quick access to your Customer Portal link that can be shared with subscribers to give them access to a a portal to manage their billing and subscription. There is also information here about our 3D Secure and GDPR settings.

Company Settings Tab

The Company Settings tab will allow you to enter information about your company, such as your Business Name, Company Logo, and Support Email/Phone.

Customer Portal Tab

The Customer Portal tab will give you access to your account's customer portal link. This link can be shared with your subscribers to allow them to manage their subscription and billing. You will also have an option here to disable the ability for your customer's to self cancel their subscription. This is commonly used if a customer subscribed under a contract, or if your team prefers another more hands-on method of requesting to cancel a subscription.

Integrations Tab

The Integrations tab is where you set up direct connections with your other systems, like HubSpot, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Kajabi, Zapier, Google Analytics and more! Simply click on an integration to get started!

Automation Tab

The Automation tab is where you can set up a wide range of global billing automation, like general payment failures, subscription cancels and more. You will be able to trigger events in your integrated systems, such as applying a tag in your connected CRM that can start a campaign when a customer's subscription payment fails in Spiffy. 

Notifications Tab

The Notifications tab is where you will be able to enable customer facing emails, like Failed Payment and Card Expiring/Expired emails, as well as order confirmation and payment receipt emails. You will also have the option to enable internal order success emails to be delivered to you, when a customer places an order on your checkout.

Fields Tab

The Fields tab is where you will be able to create/manage fields in Spiffy. You will be able to create custom fields and manage field mappings. Field mappings let you match fields in Spiffy to fields in your Integrated systems, like Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign and more!

Discounts Tab

The Discounts tab is where you will be able to create/modify discount codes. You can create codes here that can be enabled on your individual checkouts, or manage existing discount codes that you may have created in the checkout editor.

Team Tab

The Team tab is where you can add additional users that need access to your Spiffy account. You will be able to add their name and email, and an invitation to log into your Spiffy app will be sent to them via email

Billing Tab

The Billing tab is where you can access your most recent payments to us for your account.

For more in-depth information on these settings, check out our Account Management section of the help center.

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