How to Create a Checkout Page

Welcome to Spiffy Checkouts!

With Spiffy, you can create checkouts for both one-time purchases and subscription based purchases. You also have the option to add an upsell in your checkout!

We have a Checkout Creation Flow that guides the initial setup of your checkout to get you up and running fast!

Here is a sample of how your Spiffy checkout page could look:

How To Create a Standard Checkout (Single-Pay & Payment Plans)

Once you’re logged into your Spiffy account, you can follow these steps for creating your checkout:

Step 1: Create Your Initial Checkout Page

  1. Select Checkouts at the top of your Spiffy Dashboard
  2. Select Create New Checkout
  3. Give your checkout an Internal Name. This is just for you to reference to, your customers will not see this on their end
  4. Check if your URL is available, if not - you can edit this until you find an available URL
  5. Choose whether you want to create a Standard or a Subscription checkout (here are the instructions for a Standard checkout)
  6. Add your Offer Title, Offer Price & a Short Description of the product. This will be displayed to the customer
  7. If you would like, you can Upload an Image for your offer - if not, you can Skip & Finish. Below is how your checkout will look with an image
  8. Note: Your checkout will not save until you complete the above steps and click Finish. You will still be able to make changes to the checkout afterwards!

Congratulations! Your checkout page is now ready!

If you want to edit your checkout further and add features such as payment plans, upsells, and integrations - continue to the Spiffy Checkout Editor to make those changes. 

Be sure to check out our Visual Checkout Editor Overview for more info on the features and abilities available in the editor!

Once you've made all your changes in the Editor, be sure to hit the "Publish" button (in the upper right corner of the editor), to save all your content and settings.

Once you click Publish in the upper right corner, you’ll see a confirmation popup like this. If you want to do more changes, you can click the Back to editor button, or you can click the Exit editor button to exit.

How to Create a Checkout for Subscriptions

The process for creating a checkout for a subscription is slightly different than creating one for the one off product.

In this section, we will try to explain how you can create a checkout for a subscription product. We will list step by step instructions with screenshots for clarity.

Step 1: Create Your Initial Checkout Page

  1. Click the Checkouts tab

  2. Click Create New Checkout
  3. Give your checkout an Internal Name for future reference. Your customers will not see this on the front end.
  4. See if the URL of the checkout is unique or available, meaning you don’t have another checkout that uses the same link. Spiffy will detect it for you, and you can see the notification as highlighted in this screenshot.

    If the URL is not unique, you can simply click into the Checkout Link field and edit the URL.

    Then click Continue
  5. Select the Subscription product type

    Add the basic offer details including the offer title and a short description of the product This will be displayed to the end user. Then click Continue.
  6. Next, you will be able to select or set up available Subscription Plans for your checkout. The way that Subscriptions work in Spiffy is, a Subscription Product is created, and then you create Plans (ex: Monthly, Annual) for the Subscription Product.

  7. To create a new product and plan options, click Create New to open the Subscription Product & Plan creation options

  8. If you are creating a Plan for an existing Subscription Product, just select the existing Subscription Product from the Step 1 dropdown, and proceed to the Create Plan step. 

    If you need to create a new Subscription Product, click New Subscription and enter your Subscription Product name. (shown below)

  9. After creating a new Subscription Product or selecting an existing Subscription Product, it will appear in the Step 1 dropdown. Now you are ready to create your first plan in the Step 2. Plan Creation section. Just enter a plan name (ex: Monthly) a price, and select the appropriate payment frequency (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Every 6 Months & Yearly), and click Create to save your changes.

  10. You will see your plan appear here:

  11. You can create additional plans for your Subscription Product (ex: an Annual plan) by clicking in the Select or create subscription dropdown and Create New again. This time, you will just select the existing Subscription Product instead of creating/naming a new one.
  12. Some additional options before continuing: If you select one of your plans, you will have the option to edit the Plan label, add a Callout (ex: Best Value) and select which plan would be selected by default on the Checkout. Once you are finished, click Continue to proceed.

  13. Finally, you can upload an image for your product and click the Finish button.

At this point, your checkout page has been created and is ready to take payments! You can now proceed to the Visual Checkout Editor to enhance and further customize your checkout by clicking Edit Checkout.
Be sure to head over and watch our Visual Checkout Editor Overview to see all the features and options available to enhance your checkout once you have made it!

If you have any questions, we are here to help! Send us an email at