How to Create an Order Form

Creating an order form is super simple. You can get a very simple order form up and running in under 47 seconds!

It's important to note, your order form will not save until you complete the initial order form creation process and click "Finish".  Once you complete the order form creation process, you will be able to make any changes you need by editing the form after it's created.

Step 1: From your Dashboard, click on the Order Forms tab.

At the top of your Spiffy dashboard, you will see a tab labeled Order Forms. Click that to navigate to your Order Forms dashboard. 

Step 2: Click "Create New Form" at the top of the page

At the top of the order form dashboard, you will see an area outlined in a dashed line with text that says "Create New Form". Click in this area to create a new order form. If you haven't yet created an order form, like in the image below, you will also see a white box, that also has a link to create a new order form.

Step 3: Enter the Internal Name for the order form

The internal name will only be seen by you. The name will appear on the order form dashboard, so be sure to name it something specific to save time in the future.

Step 4: Edit the order form link

By default, the order form link will pull in your internal name. You will most likely want to remove any unnecessary information, and shorten the URL for your order form.

Note: You will now see a blue "Back" button at the bottom left corner of the screen, you can use this to go back a step and make any changes needed. Remember, none of the content you add is saved until you complete the order form creation process and click "Finish" in Step 7 below.

Step 5: Choose to create a "Standard" offer (or a "Subscription" offer –

A standard offer is a one-time payment. A subscription offer is an ongoing recurring charge.

Step 6: Enter your Offer Details

This is where you will enter the name of your offer (or product), the price of your offer, and a short description of the offer. All of this information is what will display on the order form.

Step 7: Upload an Offer Image (Optional)

If you have a product or offer image you want to feature on the order form, upload your image here. The image cannot be larger than 200kb in size. The recommended dimensions are 765 x 510 px. As stated in the headline of this step, an image is NOT required, but does make the order form look a lot better.

Step 8: Congrats! You've created a basic order form! Want to edit further?

As you can see, creating an order form with Spiffy is fast and easy. If you want to continue editing the order form, click on any of the options featured on this page. The orange "Edit Form" button at the bottom of the page, will take you to the main "Offer" tab in the editor, click there if you want to edit the information you just entered. 

The other buttons will take you to directly to a specific section in the editor to make the next highest priority update. Edit your Thank You Page, Add Sidebar Content, Create a Header, Add Actions.

Thanks for viewing this tutorial. If you have any questions, we are here to help! Send us an email at

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