Where do I add my tracking scripts? (Facebook Pixel or Google Tag Manager / Google Analytics)

Spiffy makes it quick and simple to integrate your Checkout pages directly with Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager!

We do the heavy lifting of adding the scripts to all of your checkout pages, when you integrate Facebook Pixel or Google Tag Manager. All you will need to do is provide your Pixel ID or Google Tag Manager Account ID!

*Note: Google Analytics can be ran through Google Tag Manager

To get started, you will need to integrate one or both of these services with your Facebook Pixel or GTM Account

From the Spiffy Dashboard, just click on the profile icon and select ' Integrations':

Just Find and click on the integration you want to connect, and just enter the appropriate ID for that service, and click the 'Enable' button!

Once you Enable your integration to Facebook Pixel and/or Google Tag Manager, Spiffy will automatically install the necessary scripts, behind the scenes, on all of your Checkout pages!

We have more information on these two integrations available here:

Facebook Pixel Integration Overview

Google Tag Manager Integration Overview

If you happen to run into any questions, just send us an email at Support@Spiffy.co

Always here to help.