How do I segment my list in ActiveCampaign based on Spiffy sales?

In ActiveCampaign you can segment your list of customers based on Spiffy sales, meaning you can filter the actions in the ActiveCampaign automation based on the product the customer purchases. 

You can use ActiveCampaign's segmentation feature in many ways. As you can see in the below screenshot there are numerous ways to segment the contact in ActiveCampaign.

The most commonly used condition to segment the contact is whether the user has or doesn't have a product tag. You can follow below steps to segment user based on the tag.

1) Select any trigger to start the ActiveCampaign automation. Again the most commonly used trigger is "Tag is added" trigger. Now click the "Continue" button

2) Insert the tag that you want to use to trigger the automation. To view the Segment conditions, check the "Segment the contacts entering this automation" box. Now you can choose the condition from the first dropdown.

3) Click the "Contact Details" option and then select the "Tag" condition. For the second field, you can select whether you want to segment based on the presence or absence of the tag from the user account. And in the 3rd field, you can choose from the list of your tags, which tag should be present or absent to fulfill the segment condition.

In the above example, the condition will ensure that the actions in the automation will be executed only if the contact has "About - Agency" tag. You can go ahead and click the "Add Start" button and then complete the rest of the automation as per your requirement.

If you have any further question about segmentation you can write to us at . We'll be glad to help you out.