How do I send a customer a receipt/invoice?

Spiffy come equipped with the ability to send automatic order confirmation emails, that contain a link to a hosted receipt that can be printed / downloaded as a PDF. These emails are disabled by default, but you can enable these setting from within your Spiffy account settings, under the 'Notifications' tab.

You can also manually send a receipt to your customer by navigating to their order record, clicking the options for a payment, and selecting 'Send Receipt'

For more information on this feature, head over to our article on Payment Receipts and Order Confirmation Emails.

Alternatively you can set up your Stripe to send invoices/receipts. Just  be sure that you review your Spiffy settings, and do not have our feature enabled, as this could result in multiple receipts being sent to a customer, causing confusion.

How To Enable Automatic Receipts in Stripe:

In your Stripe Dashboard, click on 'Settings', and under the 'Payouts and Payments' section, select 'Email Receipts'.  You will be directed to your 'Email' preferences. Just turn on the Email toggle for 'Successful Payments' and save your changes.

Sending a receipt manually from Stripe:

If you need to resend an receipt to a customer, you can find the order record in Spiffy, click on the drop-down settings menu at the top right of the order record in Spiffy, click on "View in Stripe", and you can resend your customer's invoice directly in Stripe.

Tip: You will want to copy the customer's email address from Spiffy, or at the top of the Stripe order record, as Stripe's manual option for sending a receipt has you input the customer's email address

Receipts from PayPal:

For PayPal orders, PayPal will automatically send your customer a receipt/notification of payment, based on their notification/receipt settings in PayPal (Mobile, Email, etc)|

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