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Upsell: Create a 'One-Click' upsell offer, to be presented to your customer, immediately after they submit their initial order


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Setting Up an Upsell:

Under the Upsells tab, you can add a 'One-Click' Upsell offer, to be presented to your customer after they submit their initial order. To get started, simply click " Add an Upsell

You will start with selecting your Upsell offer. You can choose an existing product (if you have already created it in another Spiffy order form), or click the 'Create new product' button, located at the top right of the product window. You'll also set the price of your Upsell offer, in this step.

Click 'Save' to continue

Now, you will be able to add content to your 'Upsell' page, including: A headline and body description, a photo, and custom 'Accept/Decline' button text.

Just 'Publish' your form to save your upsell. Be sure to hit 'Publish' before navigating away from this page, as your work will not be saved.

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