How to Add an Addon / Offer Bump (Checkbox Offer Bump)

Addon offer bumps on checkouts are a great way to enhance your offer, letting you showcase an optional additional offering that compliments your main offer. Spiffy gives you the ability to offer a single pay addon, or even a subscription! 

You will also be able to set up integration actions with your connected system (eg: Active Campaign, Infusionsoft/Keap, Hubspot etc) This lets you do things like apply specific tags, when the addon is selected at checkout!

Getting Started:

Adding an offer bump can be done by clicking on ' Add Section' in the Checkout editor, then selecting 'Addon'
Addon.jpgThe 'Addon' configuration settings will open. Start by entering a 'Headline' and a 'Description' for your offer bump.

Under the 'Item Settings' click on 'Addon' to modify the price and order summary name. You will be able to enter a one time price, or click 'Switch to Subscription' to select a subscription for your offer bump.

Once you have configured these options, just click ' Save' at the top of the 'Addon' configuration bar. When you are ready, just 'Publish' the checkout, and your Addon Offer Bump will be available on the checkout.

Adding Integration Automation to your Addon Offer Bump.

You can set up integration automation for when your 'Addon' is selected on checkout. Just click the 'Add Automation' button, select your connected integration, and then choose and configure a specific action, like applying a tag.

To make changes to an existing automation configuration, just click on 'Automations' to make additional changes.

When you have finished configuring your checkout options, be sure to click the 'Save' button at the top of the 'Addon' settings, and when you are ready, 'Publish' your checkout

You can also review your finished option 'Automation' configuration from the 'Automations' tab of the checkout editor. Any automation tied to checkout 'Options', 'Addons' or 'Payment Plans' will have a 'Connected Option' indicator.

Clicking on an automation that has the 'Connected Option' indicator will open settings that will show you which option it is connected to, as well as allow you to make any additional changes.  Clicking on the 'Option' will direct you back to the checkout editor configuration options for the selected option.

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