How to Add an Addon / Offer Bump (Checkbox Offer Bump)

Adding an offer bump can be done by clicking on 'Add Section' in the Checkout editor, then selecting 'Addon'
Addon.jpgThe 'Addon' configuration bar will open, allowing you to input a 'Headline' a 'Description' as well as a 'Price' and a 'Line Item Name' that will be used in the order summary.

Addon-Options.jpgOnce you have configured these options, just click 'Save' at the top of the 'Addon' configuration bar. When you are ready, just 'Publish' the checkout, and your Addon Offer Bump will be available on the checkout.

You will now be able to set up integration actions from the 'Integrations tab' for when the Addon offer bump is accepted by your customer.

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