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Spiffy allows you to create Payment Plans for your one-time payment products.

You can allow your customers to pay in installments instead of paying in full right away. If you're selling a high priced product or trying to beat a competitor, the multiple payments option will provide an edge to your offer.

Setting Up a Payment Plan 

You can setup a payment plan from Offer > Price option. Click the "Add payment option" tab

Now you can setup the frequency, amount of each installment and the number of installments. Then click the Done button.

You can also create multiple payment plans for the same offer for giving more options to the customer to choose from. Here is how the visitors will see the payment options on the checkout page...

Add Callout and Set as Default

You can set on the payments plans as default, which will be automatically selected when someone visits the checkout page. The original offer price that you add while creating a checkout will be set as the default payment plan unless you change it later.

In the above example checkout, the visitor will see the $33 plan selected (the blue tick on the left upper corner) by default because that is set as the default payment plan.
To set another payment option as default, you can click the 3 dots in the upper right corner and click the "Make Default" option.
You can also add callout , the text, MOST POPULAR, appears in yellow within the $33 payment plan box in the above example.
To add the callout text for any payment plan, you can click the 3 dots in the upper right corner and click on the " Add Callout" option

Next, you can insert your Callout Text and click the "Done" button.

Note: You can delete the additional payment plans by clicking the "Remove" option but the original offer cannot be deleted.

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