How to use the Customer Portal

Spiffy offers a 'Customer Portal' where your customers can view their past billing, update their billing, and cancel their active 'Subscription'. We provide a link that you can share with your customers (through email, link in a membership website, etc) that will allow your customers to access their billing. This link will direct the customer to a page to enter their email, and receive a 'Magic Link' via email, to access their 'Customer Portal.

To find your Spiffy account's 'Customer Portal Link' to share with your customers, just click on the Profile icon on your Spiffy Dashboard, and select 'Settings'

In your main account settings, you will see the 'Domain' section, that will include your 'Customer Portal Link' to share with any of your customers, however you see fit.

Just send this link to the customers who need to update their billing information.

They will be asked to enter the email associated with their purchase, and they will be able to login and see the status of their payment plan and/or subscription products.

This is also where your customers will be able to update their credit card information.

For more info on the 'Customer Portal' experience, just Click Here

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at