Payment Failed

Spiffy's Billing Automation settings allow the ability to trigger different actions based on a variety of billing events. Click here to view our Billing Automation Overview video to get a better understanding of how to use our Billing Automation integrations most effectively.

Payment Failed Event

The payment failed event triggers anytime a subscription payment, or payment plan payment fails. 

This is the most common event to fire.

A charge can fail for a variety of reasons, but the most common reason a charge fails is because your customer lost their card, received a new card, or they have closed that specific account for some other reason.

Most people will want this event to trigger a follow up sequence in their CRM / Marketing Automation tool to follow up with their customer to get them to update their card on file. This followup sequence is where you will use your Customer Portal URL

Click here to learn more about how your customers can update their credit card through your Customer Portal.

Make Sure to Adjust Your Stripe Settings

If you are using this Billing Automation event, be sure to check your Stripe settings and make sure that the setting for  Send emails when payments fail is turned off in Stripe. 

You can also adjust the schedule of the auto charge attempts, under the Use custom retry schedule settings.

Logged into your Stripe account? View these settings here:

Advanced Settings

Our Zapier integration allows you to tailor the communication in your followups to include price, product name, the last 4 digits of their CC number, etc.This is possible by setting up Zapier to pass information from Spiffy into custom fields in your CRM, and then using merge fields for those custom fields within your email.

With Zapier, you can also have Spiffy send over a Credit Card Swap url to a custom field in your CRM that can be merged into an email to allow your customer to quickly update their credit card. For more information on setting this up Click Here.


If you have any other questions about this event, or billing automation in general, please watch our Billing Automation Overview video, or reach out to us directly at