Subscription Canceled

Spiffy's Billing Automation settings allow the ability to trigger different actions based on a variety of billing events. Click here to view our Billing Automation Overview to get a better understanding of how to use all of our Billing Automation integrations most effectively.

Subscription Canceled Event

The Subscription Canceled event triggers if your customer cancels their own subscription from within their Customer Portal and they reach the end of their billing cycle, or, if you cancel their subscription from the order record in Spiffy and choose the Immediate option. Here's more information on how to cancel subscritpions from the order record.

The Subscription Canceled status completely ends the subscription.

Once a subscription is marked as Canceled within Stripe, there is not a way to change the status of that subscription back to Active. If your customer wants to reactivate their subscription, the customer would need to purchase the subscription again, as if they are a new customer. 

You could also manually add the subscription within Stripe, but this subscription data will not be in Spiffy and not factored into any of your reporting and future billing automation actions within Spiffy would not trigger. Having your customers re-purchase through a Spiffy checkout page is the best option.

The Subscription Canceled event is most commonly used to trigger an internal notification of canceled customers, so you can reach out to them to save them and/or direct them on how to repurchase to reactivate their subscription. It's common for this event to trigger a single email, confirming that their subscription has been canceled and they will not be charged again.


If you have any other questions about this event, or billing automation in general, please watch our Billing Automation Overview video, or reach out to us directly at