Embed Checkout (Advanced Elements) Overview

Spiffy gives you the ability to put your Checkout right on your website, in the form of an 'Embed' or a 'Popup'!

When you publish your Checkout page, you will be presented with your Checkout link, along with the Advanced Elements section for adding 'Popup Checkout' or 'Embedded Checkout' to your page. Clicking on these options will provide the code needed, for your page.

*NOTE: The 'Step 1' code that we provide for both the Popup Checkout and the Embedded Checkout is the exact same script and is identical on all Spiffy checkouts! So if you have added it to your page in the past for another Checkout Popup or Embed, you just need to do 'Step 2' for the element you are wanting to use.

Popup Checkout Overview

Simply copy the 'Step 1' code provided and add it to all the pages on your site. The code will look for any buttons or text linking to any of your Spiffy Checkout pages, and will display the form as a popup, instead of redirecting to your Checkout! 

Example: Popup Checkout linked to a button on our site 

Embedded Checkout Overview

Simply copy the 'Step 1' code provided, and add it to all the pages on your site. Then just copy the 'Step 2' code and place it wherever you would like the embedded Checkout to display!

Example: Embedded Checkout on a page of our site

If you have any questions, please let us know at Support@Spiffy.co