How to Embed A Checkout

Embeding Your Checkout Overview

To get started, simply publish a checkout. The window that pops up will contain your checkout URL, along with options for a Popup or Embed that you can put on your own site.

Just click on "Embed Checkout' and you will get access to 2 code snippets.

Copy and place the 'Step 1' code snippet on your website (See note below for more info on this code snippet), and then place the 'Step 2' code on your page, where you want the embed to display.

NOTE: The 'Step 1' code is the same for both Popup Checkout and the Embedded Checkout, and it's identical on all Spiffy checkouts! So if you have added it to your page in the past for another Checkout Popup or Embed, you just need to do 'Step 2' for the element you are wanting to use.

PRO TIP: Add the 'Step 1' code in your website header, or in Google Tag Manager, so it's automatically added to all pages. This will make it so you only need to add a link to your Spiffy Checkout for a popup embed, or just add the 'Step 2' code when you want to have an inline Embed.

Example: Embedded Checkout on a page of our site

Please check out our Advanced Elements Overview for more information on this section.

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