Sending Sales Data to Infusionsoft

The Infusionsoft integration for Spiffy now includes 'Sales Sync'. When enabled, Spiffy will automatically create products in Infusionsoft, as you create/update your Spiffy checkout pages, along with recording paid orders / payments in the Infusionsoft contact records.

This allows for you to store paid order records and payments for contact in Infusionsoft, when they place an order, or make payments on 'subscriptions' or 'payment plans'.

To enable 'Sales Sync' just head to your profile icon on your spiffy dashboard, and select 'Integrations'.

If you haven't connected Infusionsoft yet, just click on the Infusionsoft option and follow the prompts. The option will be available after the connection is made. 

If you have already connected Infusionsoft, Just click on the already connected option and the toggle to enable 'Sales Sync' will be available!

Once this is enabled, Spiffy will sync checkout products over to Infusionsoft when a checkout is created.

If you have had the Infusionsoft integration connected, but are enabling 'Sales Sync' after the fact, you will just need to head to your 'Checkouts' and republish any that were created prior to enabling it. This will get the product from that checkout synced to Infusionsoft.

Sales Sync will create order records in Infusionsoft and mark them as paid. These orders will NOT include any credit card data, as this is securely handled by Stripe.

If the order is on a 'Payment Plan' the record in Infusionsoft will show as partially paid, but the future payments for the payment plan will record right in the same order record.

If the order is for a subscription, the initial payment will record in the Infusionsoft contact record, and then the future payments will be recorded in the Infusionsoft record, as well.

If you are syncing any subscription products from Spiffy to Infusionsoft, and look at your Infusionsoft 'Products' page, you may notice that the subscription syncs over at a $0.00 price point. You will not need to worry about this, as the orders that sync over will reflect the price that you are charging on your Spiffy Checkout.

Please not that any adjustments/refunds to orders placed on Spiffy Chekouts will need to be addressed from wihin Spiffy

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