How to setup Infusionsoft's Affiliate Tracking to work with Spiffy Checkouts

Spiffy's integration with Infusionsoft can partially tap into Infusionsoft's native referral tracking features to set up a basic affiliate program. It will require some small changes to existing/new referral tracking link URLs that you setup in Infusionsoft, but your links that your affiliates receive and use will still be the same.

Note: You will need to enable 'Sales Sync' on your Infusionsoft integration to have the option to enable 'Affiliate Tracking'. Sales Sync will make it possible to sync your products that you have created in Spiffy over to Infusionsoft, and record paid order records in your Infusionsoft contact records, which are needed to record affiliates using Infusionsoft's native affiliate tracking

IMPORTANT : Infusionsoft's API for their affiliate program has a few limitations, preventing Spiffy from fully tapping into the system. While you can set up links that affiliates can use to track orders, there is certain functionality that will not be available:

1.) Infusionsoft will not automatically set an existing affiliate that may already be tied to a contact in their Referral History, as the referral on an order.

2.) Affiliates will not see orders record in their Infusionsoft Referral Partner Portal 'Orders' stat, as Infusionsoft only recognizes orders placed on Infusionsoft order for this stat

For a full affiliate program experience, we recommend using a service such as LeadDyno or Post Affiliate Pro as a 3rd party affiliate tracking software in conjunction with Spiffy. They operate much like a Facebook Ads pixel, where you would add a conversion pixel on your Thank You page.

To get started, click the profile icon on your Spiffy dashboard, and select Integrations.

 If you haven't connected Infusionsoft yet, just click on the Infusionsoft integration options and follow the prompts. Once the connection is made, the options will become available.

As referenced above, a small change to the way you set up your 'Referral Tracking Link' URL is needed, to allow Spiffy Checkouts to work with Infusionsoft's affiliate tracking. You may need to update any existing links with this same method as well.

In your Infusionsoft Tracking Link setup, you will need to start every URL that you are setting up as an affiliate tracking link, with:

1.) replace APPNAME with YOUR infusionsoft application name

2.) Place your URL that you are wanting to drive traffic to at the end of this URL after the =
    (ex: )

Here is some more documentation on this setup direectly from Infusionsoft's help center, if needed:

If you are directing traffic to your website (to a sales page, a lead page, or possibly a page that includes an embedded or pop-up Spiffy Checkout) you will need to paste the Spiffy JavaScript code snippet that we provide for 'Popup' and 'Embed' checkouts, when you publish your Checkout in Spiffy – even if you are not using the popup or embed feature on that specific page that you are driving traffic to, the Spiffy code snippet needs to be on that page to caputre the affilite ID.

Affiliate link in Email > Sales Page > Checkout Page Embedded on your website.

You would need to have the Spiffy Javascript code snippet on your Sales Page, as that is the page that the affiliate link in the email is redirecting to.

The Spiffy JavaScript is what allows us to capture the affiliate ID, when an Infusionsoft affiliate link is used.

NOTE: This code is exactly the same for every Checkout in Spiffy, so if you paste it on every page of your site now, you won't need to do it again.

Now, if you have set up your commission programs for your affiliates in Infusionsoft, you can use Infusionsoft affiliate links to track orders that are placed on your Spiffy Checkouts, and keep track of any payouts your affiliates may be entitled too!

Please let us know if you have any questions at all, just send us an email at

Always here to help.