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"Discount" is a time tested strategy for giving that extra nudge to the prospects sitting on the fence for helping them cross over.  Spiffy makes it easy for you to add a discount to your Spiffy Checkout. There is so much that you can do with Spiffy's discount feature.

You can generate a coupon code that applies either a fixed amount or a percentage of the actual offer price as the discount, and deduct it from the final price that the customer pays. You can also set an expiry date and time for the discount offer, or specify the number of uses the discount will be valid up to. If you wish you can also restrict the number of uses per user for the discount.

If you're selling subscription products you can create subscription coupons. You can set the discount for an ongoing basis for every month or you can set it for a certain number of months. Spiffy's discount feature also allows you to offer a discount on the startup fee. Also, the discount can be used to offer free trials.

Note: The Standard Coupons will work only with Standard Checkouts, similarly you will need to create Subscription Coupons for offering a discount on Subscription Checkouts.

In this article, I will explain how you can use the Discounts feature within your Spiffy checkout...

How to create a Standard Discount for a Standard Offer Checkout

There are 2 different ways to create a discount, you can either create it within the checkout itself under Offer > Discount section or you can go to Profile > Settings > Discounts. Here we have listed the steps to create the discount from inside the checkout, the other method will be covered later in the article when we will discuss the subscription discount.

Step 1: Go to Offer > Discounts

To add the discount to your checkout go to Offer > Checkout option as you see in the below screenshot.

Step 2: Add or Select the discount

  1. Click the "Add New" link to create a brand new discount coupon code

  2. Type in the coupon code

  3. Select the type of discount, the options are Fixed Amount or Percentage

    If you decide to offer a fixed amount, you need to specify the amount of the discount.

Step 3: Set the Expiry for the Discount (Optional)

You may want to end the promotion at some point in the future.  You can either specify a particular date and time as the deadline for the discount to work, or you can decide the total numbers of orders on which the promo code can be applied. You can follow the below steps to set the expiry...
  1. Turn on the toggle button to enable the expiry feature

  2. Check the box for the expiry option you want to use

  3. Once you enable the Expiration Date option you can click into the Expiration Date field to see the calendar

  4. Select the expiry date and time

  5. Select the checkbox for "Number of Use" to define how many times the coupon code can be used by the total number of customers. In this use case, I want the promo code to be used by the first 50 customers only

  6. If you want to prevent the customers to use the promo code  multiple times, you can enable the checkbox for "Limit discount to one order per customer" option
    Once you click the "Save" button the customer will be able to use that coupon code on the checkout.


See the preview of the checkout where your customers will use the promo code

Once the customer adds the coupon code and clicks the Apply button the discount will be applied. The promo code will also display on the checkout.

If you're displaying the summary of the order on the thank you page of the checkout, the customer will see the summary that includes the original offer price, discount and the discounted price.

Additional Settings

If you don't want your users to type in the promo code on the checkout, you can go to Offers > Discounts and select the "Turn Auto Apply On" option as per this screenshot

When that feature is turned on the promo code will be added and the discount will be applied automatically...

How to Edit the Discount

Once you publish the checkout, you will not be able to edit the discount offer within the checkout itself.

To edit the discount you need to follow these steps...

  1. Click the profile icon on the top right corner of the page and go to Settings

  2. Go to Discounts and click on your offer

  3. You can make the changes as per your need and click the Save button at the bottom

How to create a Subscription Discount for a Subscription Checkout

In this section, I will explain how you can create a subscription discount for your subscription Spiffy Checkout

  1. Go to Offer > Discounts section within your Spiffy Checkout

  2. Click on the "Add New" link

  3. Add the coupon code, select the discount type and set the dollar amount or discount percentage

  4. Set the Duration for the discount

    If you want the discount to be deducted on an ongoing basis for every subscription billing cycle, you can choose the Forever option which is a default setting. But if you want the discount to expire after the set number of billing cycles or months you can select the "Multiple Months"  option from the dropdown and set the number of months.

    If you sell a yearly subscription and suppose you want to offer a discount for 2 yearly billing cycles, you can set the discount for 24 months. 

  5. You can also setup an additional Start Up Fee Discount if you're charging a starting fee on the checkout. See below example of the Start Up Fee on the subscription checkout...
    You need to turn on the toggle button to enable the Start Up Fee discount feature. Once enabled, you can select the type of discount between a "Fixed Amount" or the "Percentage" and add the amount or percentage of the discount as you can see in this screenshot...

  6. Just like Standard Discounts, you can setup the expiry for the Subscription Discount.

    You can turn on the toggle button and specify a date and time for the discount to expire. You can also set the numbers of times that coupon code can be used by the users. Also, you can restrict the users from using the same coupon code multiple times by checking the box to limit the discount to  one order per customer. See this screenshot for settings...

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