Configuring Payment Gateways in Spiffy

A secure and trusted Payment Gateway is one of the most crucial components of any online business. Spiffy currently integrates with Stripe and PayPal, and allows for one or both options to show for buyers on your Checkouts.

In this guide, we'll be detailing where to connect your Stripe and PayPal payment gateways to Spiffy Checkouts. We'll also cover how to enable or disable one of the specific gateways on the Checkout level. 
Connecting Your Gateways
To get started, click the Profile icon at the top-right in Spiffy, then click Settings in the menu:

The two gateway options will appear at the top, under Payment Gateways. Clicking on the one you want will take you through the connection process.

NOTE: The information required by each gateway will be a bit different, so we've created specific guides for each gateway after you click the option. Links for each are below!

Connecting Spiffy with Stripe

Connecting Spiffy with PayPal
Setting Specific Gateways on a Checkout
There is also an option to enable/disable either Stripe or PayPal individually for a Checkout. This is helpful if you only want to offer one of the two options on a specific Checkout, for example. 
When editing your Checkout, click the Settings option on the left sidebar:

Then, you can click either option to enable or disable, and set the selected default if both are enabled:

Be sure to click Publish when you're done, so your Checkout updates go live to buyers!
If you have any other questions on this process, please feel free to reach out to
Always happy to help!