How To Create A Discount For A Subscription Offer Checkout

How to create a Subscription Discount for a Subscription Checkout

This section will show you how you can create a subscription discount from within your account settings ( Profile > Settings > Discounts)  and select the discount to work with your subscription checkout.

You can also create a Discount from within the Checkout Editor, when you are creating a new checkout or editing an existing checkout.
Click here to see how to add a Discount from within the Checkout Editor too.

Step 1: Create the Subscription Discount

  1. Click on the Profile icon and then click the Settings from the dropdown

  2. Click on the "Discounts" option in the sidebar and then hit the "Add Discount" button in the upper right corner

  3. Add the discount code, select Subscription type, and set the dollar amount or discount percentage

  4. Set the Duration for the discount

    If you want the discount to be deducted on an ongoing basis for every subscription billing cycle, you can choose the Forever option which is a default setting. But if you want the discount to expire after the set number of billing cycles or months you can select the "Multiple Months"  option from the dropdown and set the number of months.

    If you sell a yearly subscription and suppose you want to offer discount for 2 yearly billing cycles, you can set the discount for 24 months. 

  5. You can also setup an additional Start Up Fee Discount if you're charging a starting fee on the checkout. See below example of the Start Up Fee on the subscription checkout...
    You need to turn on the toggle button to enable the Start Up Fee discount feature. Once enabled, you can select the type of discount between a "Fixed Amount" or the "Percentage" and add the amount or percentage of the discount as you can see in this screenshot...

Step 2: Enable and Setup the Discount in a Subscription Checkout

  1. Go to Offers > Discounts in the checkout
  2. Select an existing discount or add a new discount code

    In this case, we have already created a discount beforehand so we can click the "Select Discounts" link...
  3. Check the box to select the discount

    Note: For a subscription checkout you will only see the "Subscription" discount codes lists. You will not see your 'Standard Offer' discount codes that you may have created, in the list.

    Once you select the discount, click the "Done" button. Now you're all set to publish your checkout with discount enable on it.

    How to Edit the Discount

    Once you publish the checkout, you will not be able to edit the discount offer within the checkout itself.
    To edit the discount you need to follow these steps...

  4. Click the profile icon on the top right corner of the page and go to Settings

  5. Go to Discounts and click on your offer

  6. You can make the changes as per your need and click the Save button at the bottom

    We hope you will find this tutorial useful. If you have any other questions please write to us at

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