Connecting Stripe Error - Email address must match current user

If you are having trouble connecting your Stripe account, and you're getting an error that says "Email address must match current user" like the screenshot below, the fix is very simple.

This error tends to happen if you were previously logged-in to your Stripe account directly in a different browser window that is no longer open, or has timed out, and you are trying to connect a different Stripe account that's email does not match that user.

This error is usually only experienced by agencies and freelancers – anyone that is frequently logging in and out of multiple Stripe accounts.

The fix is simple:

  • Navigate to the Stripe dashboard, you should already be logged in.
  • Logout of your Stripe account
  • Then use the Spiffy Stripe connection process to login and authenticate your Stripe connection

Please let us know if you need any further assistance, we are here to help troubleshoot.
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