How to connect a new Stripe account

If your Stripe account is disconnected, you will see a big bold red notification bar at the top of your Spiffy account.
(Note: You will only see this if BOTH your Stripe and PayPal accounts are not connected.)

1) Click on the "Connect Gateway" button from anywhere in your app, and it will take you to your Account Settings page, where you will see your Payment Gateway options.

If you do not see the red bar at the top of your screen, navigate to your Account Settings page by clicking on your main menu drop down (Icon at the top right of the screen), and select "Settings".

2) Click on the Stripe logo to begin Integrating your Stripe account.

3-5) Enter your Stripe login credentials to sign in to your Stripe account.

6-7) If you have multiple Stripe accounts tied to your login, you will see this page below. This is where you will want to be sure to select the correct Stripe account from the drop down list, then click the blue button labeled "Connect my Stripe account".

If you only have one (1) Stripe account tied to your Stripe login, you may not see this step, or see something slightly different.

And you're all set! After you click "Connect" on the previous step, you will be taken back to your Spiffy account settings page, and the Stripe box under your Payment Gateway options should have a blue outline and a checkmark in the top left corner. This means your Stripe account is connected.

If you want to check which Stripe account you connected, you can click on the Stripe logo here in your Account Settings page and view some of your Stripe account details.

If you need to disconnect your Stripe account, you can follow the tutorial in the link below.

How to disconnect your Stripe account.

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