How to Add a customer to a campaign in Keap after a purchase is made

Spiffy's powerful Deep Data Integration with Keap allows you to trigger actions in your Keap account when the customer makes a purchase. It is a great way to manage your post purchase communication with the customer. 

Spiffy's robust integration with Keap enables you to add a customer into a Keap campaign as he makes a purchase through a Spiffy checkout. You can have Keap apply or remove tags, send a series of emails to the customer to guide further or follow up in order to ensure customer success. This step can prove a decisive move to boost customer retention.

To setup an "action" for adding the customer to a Keap campaign you can follow the below steps. 

1. Once you're inside a checkout go to the "Integrations" option in the sidebar and click the "Add Action" button 

2. Select the "Purchase" event as we want the customer to add to a campaign upon successful purchase 

3. Select the "Keap" integration

4. Now, select the "Add to Campaign" action

5. Next, you will select the Campaign from the dropdown to which you want to add the customer. Also, select the sequence in the campaign. You will view the entire list of campaigns you have in your Keap account and you can select your preferred campaign from the dropdown. Similarly, once you have selected the campaign you will be able to select the sequence from the dropdown.

The last step is to click the "Finish" button. Now every time a user will make a purchase using the Spiffy checkout displayed in this article, he or she will be added to the "Welcome" sequence within the  "Welcome - Basic Photography Course" campaign in my Keap account.

Please note that you must have your Keap account connected with Spiffy for the Deep Data Integration to work. If you haven't already connected your Keap account with Spiffy you can view this article for guidance.

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