How can I capture and store address in ActiveCampaign

Introducing the new Spiffy Native App from ActiveCampaign

Spiffy is one of the first native integrations available in the ActiveCampaign app marketplace. The Spiffy native app makes it possible to connect a specific Spiffy Checkout and map the checkout fields to custom fields in ActiveCampaign, all without ever having to leave ActiveCampaign.

With the Spiffy Native App from ActiveCampaign, you can easily record additional data, like Billing & Shipping addresses, to custom fields in your ActiveCampaign contact records! you can use the new Spiffy Native App right along-side Spiffy's Deep Data integration with ActiveCampaign to enhance the customer data that is recorded in ActiveCampaign.

Setting up the Spiffy Native App from ActiveCampaign

To get started, just head to your ActiveCampaign dashboard, and click on 'Apps' near the bottom of the left menu.

Find and select 'Spiffy' from the list.

From the Spiffy Native App overview page, click on 'Connect Account' and authorize the connection with your Spiffy account.

Then you will: 

  • Select the Spiffy account you want to connect with this ActiveCampaign account (most likely you will only have one Spiffy account to choose, unless you are using multi-account settings).
  • Click "Grant Access" to authorize the connection between Spiffy & ActiveCampaign
  • Then you're connected!

Once connected, you will return to the Spiffy Native App dashboard where  you will see your Spiffy Checkouts listed in the native app dashboard.

You can click on the name of your Spiffy Checkout and start integratiing checkout fields for each checkout.

You will notice that all of your Spiffy Checkouts are listed on this page as 'Inactive'. To make a checkout 'Active' you will just need to configure field matching.

To set up field matching and activate a checkout, just click on the checkout to begin.

The first field that you will need to match is the 'Email' field from Spiffy, to the "Email" field in Active Campaign.

Next, you will be able to click 'Add Field' to add an match additional fields, such as the First & Last name fields, and the Billing Address fields.

NOTE: You may need to create custom fields in ActiveCampaign prior to setting up the Spiffy Native App field matching. ActiveCampaign does not include billing address fields or billing address fields by default. Once you have created your custom fields for addresses in ActiveCampaign, they will be available to select in the native Spiffy app, during this field matching process.

This is what your fields should look like to pass Shipping Address and Billing Address to ActiveCampaign (See screenshot below):

Once you have matched all of the fields that you want to use to record ActiveCampaign contact data to, click the 'Save' button, and that Spiffy Checkout will now display an "Active" status in the Spiffy Native App dashboard.

When orders are placed on Spiffy checkouts that you have configured in the Spiffy Native App, the data will record to the appropriate fields, based on your field matching.

Just repeat this process for any additional Spiffy Checkout pages that you would like to connect with the Spiffy Native App. When you create new Checkouts in Spiffy, you will automatically see them listed, and ready to configure in the Spiffy Native App on the ActiveCampaign side.

As a reference, here are the fields that Spiffy currently supports:

Order ID
Stripe Customer ID
First Name
Last Name
Shipping Street
Shipping Street 2
Shipping City
Shipping State
Shipping Zip Code
Shipping Country
Billing Street
Billing Street 2
Billing City
Billing State
Billing Zip Code
Billing Country
Phone Number
Were Terms Signed?
Terms Signed At
Was Privacy Policy Signed?
Privacy Policy Signed At?
Marketing Opt In
Marketing Opted in At

A Couple Things to Note:

Since the Spiffy Native App stores field data, please note that if a customer happens to place another order on a checkout that is connected, the initial data stored in ActiveCampaign would be overwritten, if the customer provided different information (ex: A different billing address) 

When an order is placed on a Spiffy Checkout that is connected via the Spiffy Native App, ActiveCampaign will automatically apply 2 tags to the contact. 1 is a generic Spiffy Native App Integration tag, and the second tag is an Integration tag that includes your checkout name.

Using Both Spiffy's Deep Data Integration and the new Spiffy Native App for ActiveCampaign

You can use Spiffy's Deep Data Integration with ActiveCampaign, as well as the new Spiffy Native App! This is actually recommended, as our integration allows you to easily trigger automation in ActiveCampaign, and receive sales data in the contact record through our Deep Data Integration. The new Spiffy Native App integration will compliment this by providing the ability to store additional field data in ActiveCampaign. 

When an order is placed on a Spiffy checkout, Spiffy's integration will work first, sending over your customer name / email, and order information (If the Deep Data Integration is enabled), and then the Spiffy Native App connection will update the same record with additional information to custom fields that you will be field mapping to (More info on that below). 

Spiffy's Deep Data ActiveCampaign integration is designed to easily get basic contact info (Name/Email) as well as E-Commerce sales data into ActiveCampaign contact records. It is also designed for you to easily trigger automation in ActiveCampaign based on orders being placed, offer bumps & upsells being purchased, or billing events that occur.  

Click here for more information on our Deep Data Integration.

The Spiffy Native App is designed to give you the ability to easily store additional field data, outside of ActiveCampaign's standard contact record fields, through the creation of custom fields, and field matching through the Spiffy Native App setup. This is quite useful for storing addresses (Billing and Shipping)  

Both of these options combined will provide a powerful connection between Spiffy and ActiveCampaign! 

Keep reading for information on getting the Spiffy Native App connected and running!

The Spiffy Native App will not send over E-Commerce Sales Data. 

For this, please use Spiffy's ActiveCampaign Deep Data Integration, in parallel with the Spiffy Native App.

If you have any questions at all, please let us know at 

We're always here to help!