Can I pass name and email data to my Spiffy checkout page? (Multi-step checkout)

You can easily pass name and email data to a Spiffy checkout using simple URL parameters. This is great feature for when you may be directing your customers through a '2-step checkout process' to an opt-in form that collects 'Name' and 'Email, or even just 'Email' prior to getting to the checkout page.

You will need to configure your opt-in form's redirect to merge in the appropriate variables, but you will be able to append the following URL Parameter Keys to the end of your checkout page URL:





If the email address just needs to be passed to the Spiffy Checkout, your URL would include the parameter key of

In a situation where name and email data needs to be passed to your Spiffy checkout page, you would include name_first=, name_last= (if it applies), and email=

This feature can also be used in 'Email Broadcasts/Blasts' to contacts in your system, if you have the ability to merge dynamic field data into link URLs.

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