Can I pass name and email data to my Spiffy checkout page? (Multi-step checkout)

You can easily pass name and email data to a Spiffy checkout using simple URL parameters. This is great feature for when you may be directing your customers through a '2-step checkout process' to an opt-in form that collects 'Name' and 'Email, or even just 'Email' prior to getting to the checkout page.

By default, the URL parameter keys that Spiffy uses  for First Name, Last Name & Email are:




If you have the option to configure your 3rd party form to use these parameter keys to send over information, this will be the quickest way for you to start auto filling Name & Email on your Spiffy Checkouts.

If for some reason your 3rd party form uses a different parameter key (ex: FirstName, First_Name, EmailAddress), and does not have any options to change, you can actually change the parameter key from right inside of your Spiffy Checkout Editor!

Just click to 'Edit' the Contact Information block:

Click on the Inputs that you want to modify to open their configuration:

Modify the 'Field URL Parameter' to match the parameter key that your 3rd party form uses to pass information:

Save your 'Contact Info' settings:

When you are ready, be sure to Publish your checkout.


Here are some examples of how your data will look when it is passed over to your Spiffy checkout. Note that if First, Last and Email are all passed over, the checkout will simplify the display of these fields (As seen in the second example)

If the email address just needs to be passed to the Spiffy Checkout, your URL would include the parameter key of

In a situation where name and email data needs to be passed to your Spiffy checkout page, you would include name_first=, name_last= (if it applies), and email=

This feature can also be used in 'Email Broadcasts/Blasts' to contacts in your system, if you have the ability to merge dynamic field data into link URLs.

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