How to Add a Privacy Policy Checkbox to a Checkout

Adding a Privacy Policy checkbox to your Spiffy checkout page is quick and easy to do in the Checkout Editor!

To enable a required Privacy Policy checkbox ,just click the 'Add Section' button in the editor, then click the 'Options' button, followed by the 'Terms & Conditions' button. The Privacy Policy option is disabled by default, so clicking the ··· icon to the right and clicking Enable will turn the option on. 

To link the text to your Privacy Policy page, you can highlight the Privacy Policy text in that section, and click the Link button to paste in your URL and click OK. Be sure to click Save at the top of the sidebar to save your changes in the editor. Then, just publish the form, and you are all set!

NOTE: The Terms and Conditions checkbox is enabled by default when adding the Privacy Policy one, so clicking ···  > Disable for Terms and Conditions will turn that off if not needed. 

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