How to Add a Marketing Consent Checkbox to a Checkout

Adding a Marketing Consent checkbox to your Spiffy checkout page is quick and easy to do in the Checkout Editor.

NOTE: If you are wanting to add a marketing consent checkbox, but not include a Terms & Conditions checkbox, you can disable Terms & Conditions by clicking on the options settings '. . .' and selecting Disable.

The Marketing Consent checkbox can be included by adding a Terms and Conditions block to your checkout. Click on the Complete Checkout in the editor, and then Add Terms & Conditions.

Next, select the Marketing Consent option and Enable, as it is not enabled by default.

Using the text editor, configure the marketing consent message. We include a simple consent statement by default.

Additional Info

- Much like Terms and Privacy Policy, you have the option to have your Marketing Consent Statement in a scroll-box, however Marketing Consent is commonly only a short sentence.

- This Marketing Consent checkbox can also trigger automation when a customer checks the box on an order. You can configure this Integration Action for Marketing Consent (GDPR) in your account's Billing Automation Events to trigger an action (e.g: apply a Marketable Tag in Active Campaign, Infusionsoft/Keap etc). For more information on setting up that automation when the Marketing Consent checkbox is clicked, click here!

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