TaxJar - How to Guide

TaxJar is a third-party tax calculation and reporting app that you can integrate with Spiffy Checkouts. It has more advanced tax reporting and filing capabilities that are well-suited for companies based in the United States.

1) Go to Profile and select Integrations

2) Next, select TaxJar

3) Add your TaxJar SmartCalc API key and connect 


  • You must have a TaxJar account to get the TaxJar SmartCalc API key
  • You can obtain your TaxJar API key by logging into your TaxJar account and heading to
  • If you haven't used TaxJar's API key before, you may need to click a button to generate your key

You've successfully connected your Spiffy account with TaxJar. You'll see a confirmation message like this

For help setting up a TaxJar account, you can visit

4) Update Your Existing Checkouts & Subscriptions to be Taxable

Finally, you will need to set any products that need to charge Tax/VAT to Taxable. 

You will enable tax differently depending on whether your product is a:

  • Standard offer
  • Subscription based product

NOTE: If you are using both subscriptions and one-time payment items on a single checkout together, and you need to charge tax for both, you will need to follow the steps for both Subscriptions and Standard Offers below, to make the entire checkout taxable.

Standard Offer

To enable tax calculations on your standard offer checkouts, you will need to head into each of your checkouts, and make each item Taxable.

From the Checkout Editor, click into the Offer section from the side bar. Next, under Manage Items, click the "..." next to each offer and select Taxable for any order items that should calculate tax.

Subscription Based Products

To enable tax calculation on Subscription based products, first go to Products on the Spiffy Dashboard, and click the subscription you want to make taxable.

Next, select Settings and the tick the Is this product taxable? option. 

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