My Sidebar content doesn't display on my embedded checkout

If you have created a checkout with 'sidebar' content, and embedded it on your website, you may have noticed that the sidebar content does not display.

By default, Spiffy hides the sidebar content on embedded checkouts, as we found that the background color on websites often made this section hard to read, and that most people prefer to create their content right on their webpage.

In the future, we will have an option in the checkout editor to enable/disable sidebar content for embedded checkouts.

Currently, if you do need the sidebar content to display on an embedded Spiffy checkout, you can achieve this with an additional script that we have available. Just paste the following script right below your Spiffy embed script on your webpage.

            // Tracking Options
            trackingEnabled: true,
            // Order Form Options
            hideSummary: false,
            hideSidebar: false,
            hideHeader: true,
            hideFooter: true,
            // Takeover Options
            pageTakeover: true, // Used to easily turn both takeover settings on
            upsellPageTakeover: true,
            thanksPageTakeover: true,
            // Popup Options
            popupEnabled: true,
            popupPrefetch: true,

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