How to Charge Tax with Spiffy Checkout

There are two different ways to charge tax for your products and services with Spiffy

  1. Use our Taxes by Spiffy solution
  2. Integrate with third-party TaxJar for more advanced reporting and filing

To ensure you are charging tax, make sure your checkout items are set to Taxable, and that you are collecting a billing address. 

Taxes by Spiffy

Our built-in solution is a cost-effective way to start charging taxes for your taxable products and services. Taxes by Spiffy simply calculates the correct tax amount based on your customer's address. Spiffy does not have robust tax reporting capabilities built-in.

If you are a company based in Australia, UK, Europe, etc. Taxes by Spiffy is great for charging VAT/GST.

More information about Taxes by Spiffy here


TaxJar is a third-party tax calculation and reporting app that you can integrate with Spiffy Checkouts. It has more advanced tax reporting and filing capabilities that are well-suited for companies based in the United States.

Find out how to integrate TaxJar here

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