Can I Charge Tax For an Upsell Product

Yes, Spiffy's built in integration with TaxJar allows you to charge tax on an upsell product as well.


You can follow below steps to charge tax on an upsell product.

1) In the checkout editor, click the "Add an Upsell" button

2) From the next screen, you can either select an existing product from the drop down or click the "Create new product" button to create a brand new upsell product.

3) Once you click the "Create new product" button, you will enter the product name, price and check the box as shown in the below screenshot to mark the upsell product taxable.

Congratulations! Now you will be able to charge tax on the upsell product as well. TaxJar will automatically calculate tax for it when the user purchases the upsell product.

If you want to use an existing product as an upsell and make it a taxable product, you can click the Products link and find the product you want to make taxable.

When you click on the product, you will see a checkbox to mark the product taxable...

If you need more instructions on how to integrate TaxJar with Spiffy, you can check this article .

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