How To Charge Tax for a Subscription Product with Spiffy Checkout

You can charge sales tax on your subscription products with Spiffy Checkout. Spiffy's built in integration with TaxJar allows you to charge sales tax on subscription products with ease.

The first step is to create a subscription checkout and publish it. If you need help with creating a brand new subscription checkout you can check our step by step tutorial here .

1) Click the Products tab on your Spiffy Dashboard.

2) Click on the Subscription(s) you need to enable tax on.

3) Just click the Settings icon to open the Subscription settings.

4) The final step is, check the checkbox to mark the subscription product as taxable and click the "Save" button

With this setting enabled, any checkout that has this Subscription on it will automatically calculate and add tax to the order, based on your tax seup

If you have any other question regarding how to charge tax on subscription product or need any other help, please contact us at .