How to Add a Customer in an Infusionsoft Campaign After a Purchase Is Made

In this article, we will cover how to set up Infusionsoft actions to 'Add'  a customer to a 'Campaign', when they make a purchase on your Spiffy checkout.

With this quick and easy action, you will be able to trigger for a contact that makes a purchase.

If you have not connected your Spiffy account to Infusionsoft by Keap yet, go ahead and take a look at this step by step tutorial .

Here are the steps you can follow... 

1) Go to "Integrations" in your checkout editor and click the "Add Action" button

2) Select the "Purchase" action

3) Click the "Infusionsoft" integration from your integration options. 

4) Select the "Add to Campaign" option as shown in the below screenshot

5) Now you can select the Campaign and the Sequence from the dropdown and click the "Finish" button

6) Go ahead and "Publish" your checkout

Now, whenever your customers will purchase that product using your Spiffy checkout,  they will be automatically added to the set Infusionsoft by Keap campaign sequence. 

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