Adding or Removing Infusionsoft Tags When a Purchase Is Made

Spiffy allows you to add or remove Infusionsoft tags from a customer's Infusionsoft record when they purchase a product. This feature is immensely powerful as you can run any actions in Infusionsoft based on tags, for example, you can trigger an Infusionsoft campaign for fulfillment that includes welcome email with login information.

Once you integrate your Infusionsoft account with Spiffy, you can follow the below steps to set this up...

1) In your checkout editor, go to the "Integrations" section and click the "Add Action" button

2) Click the "Purchase" action button from the list

3) Select the "Infusionsoft" integration from the options

4) Based on your requirement select the "Add Tags" or "Remove Tags" option

5) Select the tag from the dropdown list you want to add or remove and click the "Finish" button

6) Now the automation is saved. You can go ahead and publish the checkout

Hope this was helpful. If you have any other question or need help please reach out to us at .