My Embed or Popup checkout is not displaying on my website

If you have installed your Spiffy code to embed a checkout, or have a popup checkout, and are not seeing it display on your site, this may be due to a couple things.

The most common thing to check is that your site is secure (https) and that your SSL is up-to-date. Spiffy Checkouts can not be embedded on sites that are not secure / have expired SSL, due to the fact that Spiffy is processing payment data. To correct this, update your SSL.

Another rare situation that could cause this is the placement of your Spiffy Code Script that we provide when you publish a checkout. This can most commonly be placed in the header of your website, but depending on your website platform, you may need to place the Spiffy code script into the <body> of your webpages.

If you run into any issues, please let us know at

We're always here to help.