HubSpot Integration Overview

HubSpot is a powerful software for Inbound Marketing and Sales. Spiffy now integrates with HubSpot.

Spiffy now allows you to trigger actions when the user purchases a product. You can also trigger actions when the user purchases an upsell product or an add on.

Here is the list of actions you can trigger in HubSpot when the user makes any type of purchase event (main offer, upsell, and/or bump add-on):

  • Update Contact Emails Subscription
  • Add/Remove Contact to Workflow
  • Add Task
  • Add/Remove Contact to List

These are the actions that you can trigger on a successful purchase, upsell purchase, or offer bump add-on purchase.

For more information on how our integrations work, click here to watch an overview tutorial.

Want more information on Hubspot specifically? Click here for more tutorials on Hubspot.

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