HubSpot Integration Overview

HubSpot is a powerful software for Inbound Marketing and Sales. Spiffy now integrates with HubSpot.

When you integrate your Hubspot account with Spiffy, you will automatically start seeing customer orders, payments, and subscriptions, right in your Hubspot contact records. You can cancel a customer's subscription, and even refund payments, right from the Hubspot contact record! 

You will even be able to quickly get to your customer's Spiffy contact and order records to manage their payments

You will also be able to start setting up purchase and billing automation in Spiffy that can trigger actions in Hubspot, such as adding tasks.

Spiffy now allows you to trigger actions when the user purchases a product, an upsell product or an add on

Here is the list of actions you can trigger in HubSpot when the user makes any type of purchase event (main offer, upsell, and/or bump add-on):

  • Update Subscription Contact Emails
  • Add/Remove Contact to Workflow
  • Add Task
  • Add/Remove Contact to List
  • Create Deal
  • Create Ticket

As part of our integration with HubSpot, Spiffy also offers a wide range of Timeline Events that can be viewed from within your customer records in HubSpot, or even be used as triggers or if/then splits in HubSpot workflows!

Enabling/Viewing Spiffy Timeline Events in a Hubspot Customer Records:

Spiffy Events Available for Use as Hubspot Workflow Triggers & if/then Splits:

For more information on Spiffy timeline events in Hubspot, click here to see a quick overview.

For more information on how our integrations work, click here to watch an overview tutorial.

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