How To Connect HubSpot to Your Spiffy Account

Spiffy now integrates with HubSpot. Connecting your Spiffy account with HubSpot is easy.

In this step by step guide, we will cover how you can integrate HubSpot with Spiffy.

1) Go to Profile and click the Integrations option

2) SeletctHubSpot option from the list of available integrations

3) On the next screen click the "Connect HubSpot" button

4) If you're not already logged into your HubSpot account you'll be prompted to login, enter your login details

5) You've connected HubSpot with your Spiffy account successfully. You should see a confirmation message as below...

Hope this is helpful! If you have any other questions about connecting HubSpot with your Spiffy account or need help, please contact us at We'll be glad to help you out.