How to Create a Task in Hubspot

With the help of Spiffy's powerful integration with HubSpot you can add a task to the users' contact record in HubSpot when user makes a purchase using Spiffy checkout. In this short tutorial guide we will show how you can setup Spiffy to add task to the user record in HubSpot upon successful purchase

1) In your checkout editor go to "Integrations" and click the "Add Action" button

2) Select one of the "Purchase Events". This will determine when the Task is applied. On a successful purchase of the original offer, the checkbox addon, or the one-click upsell.

3) Click the HubSpot integration from the the list as shown below...

4) Select "Add Task" option 

5) Add the task details including the title, description and whom the task should be assigned and then click the "Finish" button

Congratulations! You've successfully setup your Spiffy checkout to add task to the user's record in HubSpot upon successful purchase.

If you need help on how to integrate HubSpot with your Spiffy, you can checkout this tutorial.

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