How To Deactivate or Delete a Checkout Page

With Spiffy, you can Delete / Deactivate / Expire an unwanted checkout by simply going to your 'Checkouts' tab, hovering over a 'Checkout' and clicking the options ( . . .) at the very right.

Just select the option ' Delete/Deactivate'

This will open the ' Publish Status' popup, where you will be able to set disable/enable the checkout, or delete the checkout entirely.

Disabling the Checkout via the toggle will allow you to put in an optional 'Forwarding URL' to redirect customers to a different page. After clicking 'Save', the Checkout will be disabled, but will still be available in your checkouts list under 'Inactive Checkouts'

Delete Checkout will completely remove the checkout from your app. This can not be undone.

If you have any questions about deactivating or deleting a checkout, just send us a note at

We're always here to help.