Change Subscription Overview

Spiffy gives you the ability to change a customer's subscription plan from inside their order record. This is primarily used for when a customer wants to upgrade or downgrade their plan.

You may have a customer that is on a monthly plan, but wants to switch to an annual plan. This feature will give you the ability to make this change, as well as handle when the customer gets charged, along with the ability to add an additional immediate charge or refund

In this article, we will go over the options that you have available, when switching a customer's subscription plan.

A couple things to note:

*Any automation that may need to run in your CRM to grant/revoke access will need to be addressed manually, as Spiffy will not trigger any automation based off of this change.

*Selecting the option to 'Change at end of Cycle' will maintain the customer's bill date, and charge accordingly, starting at the end of their current billing cycle.

*Selecting the option to 'Change Immediately' will charge the full amount of the subscription, based on what you have set up in Spiffy, as well as change the billing date

*Any Manual Adjustment (Charge or Refund) will occur immediately.

To get started:

When on the page to change the subscription, you will first set the two drop-down menus (Subscription) & (Subscription Option) to the appropriate subscription and option that the customer needs to be changed over to. 

This will automatically set the price of the customer's new subscription/option to what you have set, from when you originally created the subscription/subscription option.

If you need to make any global changes to the price of the subscription plan, or add a new option that doesn't exist yet, you can access and modify your subscription products by clicking on the 'Products' tab on the Spiffy dashboard, and then selecting 'Subscription' and finding the appropriate subscription.

Once you have selected the appropriate Subscription and Subscription option, you are ready to select a 'Change' option, which we will go over next.

Change at end of cycle:

This option will change the customer's subscription at the end of their billing cycle, and then charge them accordingly, based on the plan you select.

This is most commonly used for when a customer wants to potentially switch from Monthly to Annual, or Annual to Monthly, at the end of their current billing cycle.

If your customer is currently on an Annual subscription until May 30th, and wants to switch to a Monthly subscription at the end of the month, you can select this option, and at the end of the month, instead of billing an annual renewal, they will start billing on a monthly plan, with a bill date of the 30th of each month.

However, if you wanted to change this subscription immediately, we'll take a look at that next.

Change Immediately:

This option will change the customer's subscription immediately, and charge them accordingly, based on the plan you select.

Please note that along with immediately charging your customer the price of the new subscription plan, this option will also change the customer's billing date to the current date. If a customer originally billed on the 20th on a monthly plan, and you select this option to change them to an annual plan on the 15th, they will be billed the price of the annual plan immediately, and their bill date will be the 15th of the current month, every year.

A common example when this would be used is if you offer a retainer-based service, such as marketing services and your client wants to upgrade from gold to platinum, so you can get started on that new website integration they want, which requires a larger monthly payment, and it needs to be changed right away so you can get started on that next project for them!

Add a manual adjustment?

Spiffy gives you the ability to manually CHARGE or REFUND a custom amount when changing a customers subscription plan. This will not always be necessary, but we know that there are situations where this would be used.

If you’d like, click on “Add a manual adjustment” and you have the choice to add a refund or charge to be processed immediately.

There won't always be a need to set up a 'manual adjustment'. This feature is more for when you possibly need to prorate an upgraded subscription, or refund on a downgrade of a subscription.

The 'Manual Adjustment' will charge or refund IMMEDIATELY, based on what you have configured.

If you select the option to 'Change Immediately' AND setting a manual adjustment, A full charge of the price of the upgraded subscription would run, followed by the manual adjustment charge or refund that you set up.

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