How to Turn Off Automatic Retry of Outstanding Balance When Card Is Updated

By default, Spiffy will automatically attempt to charge an outstanding balance when a credit card is updated by the customer (through the customer portal), or by you (through the order record), but for certain businesses, this may need to be a manual process.

If you do not want the cards to automatically be charged for the outstanding balance as soon as they are updated, you can deactivate the default settings.

Follow these steps to deactivate the automatic retry attempts when a credit card is updated.

1. Navigate to the Billing Automation settings, under the main account settings menu, select "Automation".

2. You will see all of the Billing Automation settings. At the bottom of the Automation settings, you will see "Payment Retries". 

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the "Payment Retries" settings

4. Uncheck the boxes and click save.

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