How to Pause a Subscription or Skip a Payment

There are certain circumstances where you want to accommodate a customer request and either skip a specific number of payments or pause their subscription for an extended amount of time.

Spiffy makes it very easy to both pause a subscription, or skip a couple payments.

How to Skip a Subscription Payment

1. Navigate to the Subscription Order Record and click on the "Pause" icon next to the "Next Payment" date.

2. A window will open, where you can specify the number of payments you wan to skip. Click in the input field and type in the number of payments you want to skip.

3. Double check that the next billing date is correct, and click save.

4. Success! Triple check the next billing date is accurate, and you're all set!

How to Pause a Subscription

You would essentially follow all the same steps above, but instead of only skipping 6 payments, you would skip the next 99 payments, effectively pausing the subscription indefinitely. Most credit card expiration dates are not 8 years away, so any card would expire on a typical monthly or annual subscription.

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